The Norwegian Center for Information Security

NorSIS is an independent organization and partner to the government, businesses and research facilities in the subject of cyber security.

NorSIS aids the Norwegian citizenry, businesses and public sector in creating a safe digital society. We achieve this through building awareness of threats and vulnerabilities, by providing information on specific solutions and by influencing good attitudes and information security habits. NorSIS acts as an independent expert advisor and organiser of meeting places for businesses and organisations within the public, private and voluntary sectors.

The main target group for NorSIS is Norwegian enterprises in both the private and public sectors. Our activity is aimed especially at small and medium-sized private enterprises and local government as well as the individual citizen. NorSIS has a particular emphasis on collecting, organizing and disseminating knowledge about cyber security information that matters to our target audience.

Public-private partnerships are particularly important for NorSIS. We also cooperate with several international organizations, such as Europol – Ec3, and The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA).

NorSIS was first established as a project in 2002, and after evaluation, founded on February 2, 2010 by request from the Norwegian government. NorSIS has an elected board.


NorSIS reports:

Threats and trends – a threat report published once a year on request from the Ministry of Justice.

The Norwegian cybersecurity culture – a study published for the first time in September 2016. The study was supported by the Ministry of Justice and by the private and public sector. The report is available in English here.


Services NorSIS provide: – is a free service that aids people who experience privacy violations online. Read more about the service here. – is a free service providing information, advice and guidance on a safer use of the Internet. The information is aimed at individuals, from child to adult, consumers and small and medium enterprises. NettVett is a service in cooperation with The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) and the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) , but NorSIS has the editorial responsibility for this service.

Security Divas – In 2010 NorSIS established a conference called Security Divas. The conference has grown every year since then and has evolved to become an important network for women nationally who are studying or working with cyber security.

National Security Month – the pan-European exercise to protect EU Infrastructures against coordinated cyber-attacks. NorSIS coordinates this campaign in Norwayon behalf of the Ministry of Justice.


For questions, please contact:

NorSIS Switchboard: (+47) 40 00 58 99.

NorSIS email:

NorSIS address: Postboks 85, 2801 Gjøvik – Norway.

NorSIS visiting address: Teknologivn. 22 (building A).