Empowering Diversity: The Crucial Role of Women in Cybersecurity

Today, we confront a critical challenge: the marked underrepresentation of women in cybersecurity. Why is it that only 20-25% of women find their place in the fields of security and tech? Women make up only a small portion of this field globally. This gender gap is evident in both international and U.S. data. And this has a devastating effect on everyone in society. Let’s make something clear - there is no scientific consensus suggesting that girls inherently possess less interest in technology and security than boys. Research demonstrates that gender is not the key factor in security enthusiasm. Instead, it's the surrounding factors, such as social norms, expectations, and access to resources and opportunities, that shape interest and participation in the security and tech arena.This presentation will take a closer look into confidence, ambition, leadership mentality, self-promotion, the strength of networks, soft skills, technical proficiency, and how job descriptions can be redefined to celebrate individuality.